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New from ALPS, ball shaped rubber gimbals. This new design can be used with or without a fighting belt. Rounded bottom for comfort while fighting fish without a fighting belt, slotted to fit your fighting belt if you choose to go that route. Definitely a more flexible set up than a standard gimbal. Plus no gimbal cover to lose!
SKU: Gimbals Length: Gimbals Outer Diameter: Gimbals Inner Diameter: Vendor Sku:
ALPS_GRC19 44.6mm(2.423) 35mm(1.37) 19mm GRC19
Preferred Qty: 1
Gimbals Length: 44.6mm(2.423)
Gimbals Outer Diameter: 35mm(1.37)
Gimbals Inner Diameter: 19mm
Vendor Sku: GRC19

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