The Weapon Blanks

Autoclave Process

A combination of vacuum and heat pressure applied during the curing process that compresses the composite and evacuates any excess air and resin. This process makes a completely void free composite that will make our deflection pattern stay true longer than any other rod on the market.


One of the strongest materials known to man. Graphene was developed by scientists at the University of Manchester in England. It is two hundred times stronger than steel, and harder than diamond, while remaining flexible. It is manufactured in sheets that are only a molecule thick. In this application it is used for strength, weight reduction, durability, recovery, and anti-torsional properties.

HPR (High Performance Resin)

This is a nano-fiber resin used to make the resin structural as well as a glue for the carbon. This gives up to a 30% weight reduction with up to a 70% increase in tensile strength.

S-2 Glass

This is a nano-fiber resin impregnated to an S grade fiber glass that performs like carbon fiber but maintains the benefits of glass.


An extremely thin, wide weave wrap of carbon used in aerospace and racing applications for added fracture resistance and recovery speed. This outer layer makes a huge difference in recovery speed and durability of a rod blank with a minimal effect on weight.

ATT (Anti-Twist Technology)

This is a very complex layup of materials in the tip section when applied with the fore mentioned materials makes a fishing rod with “steel I-beam” like torsional properties. This utilized all the energy stored in a single plane, with no side to side deflection.

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The Weapon 9' Casting

9'up to 50#1⁄2 - 4oz2Fast$516.00
$516.00 $438.60
The Weapon Jr 7'10" Casting

7'10"10 - 30 #1/4-2oz10.93 inFast$256.00
$256.00 $217.60
The Weapon Jr 7'6" 2-Piece

7'6"10 - 30 #1/4-2.5oz2pc 50/50$267.00
$267.00 $226.95
The Weapon Jr 8'6" - ISS1025 Casting

8' 6"6 - 30 #0.5 - 2.5 oz20.51 in74.0 oz$279.00
$279.00 $237.15
The Weapon Mag Jr 7'10"

7'10"10 - 30 #1/4-3oz1$260.00
$260.00 $221.00
The Weapon Mag Jr 7'3"

7'3"10 - 30 #1/4-2oz1$247.00
$247.00 $209.95