Century Stealth Blanks

Century fishing rod blank Stealth Series slower action parabolic rod fishing rod with a ton of backbone. These rods are best suited for casting lures, eels, darters, dannie’s and lipped swimming baits. The slower recovery action prevents extra tumble that a faster action rod will produce in the un-aerodynamic plugs. This rod is also good for the guys using light leaders for light bait with circle hooks. The moderate tip lets you throw 3 and 4 oz. sinkers on very light 15# fluorocarbon leaders without having to worry about the leaders breaking.

Special Order Blanks: will be ordered upon purchase. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
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All Century blank orders are drop-shipped directly to get you your blanks as quickly as possible. A $25 Blank Drop Ship fee will be added to base shipping charge for order.

S-1 1145

$302.00 $256.70
S-1 1205

$308.00 $261.80
S-1 1325

$330.00 $280.50
S-2 1266

$325.00 $276.25
S-2 1326

$338.00 $287.30