Point Blank



  • Dynamic Filament Bias
  • Zero Scrim Construction
  • Progressive Modulus
  • Equiradial Power Butt
  • Focused Pulse
  • High-overlap, High Pressure Pre-Oven Wrap

The perfect balance between durability, weight and sensitivity.

Top section: Designed for meticulous lure presentation and feel.
Bottom section: Devoted to staggering lift capability and convenient hardware fit.
Middle section: Offers unmatched power, excellent control and a smooth blend between top and bottom.

Build a rod that zeros in on perfection, and hits it...POINT Blank

Special Order Blanks: will be ordered upon purchase. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
No returns

Small plastics, light jigs, unweighted live baits (shrimp) small topwaters, small squarebills

6"6"6-10 Mono • 10-15 Braid1/32oz to 1/4oz113.754.5Fast1.41Light

Grubs for speckled trout. Pop “R" topwaters, chuggers and Tiny Torpedoes, shaky heads. All around top water rod.

6'6"6-12 Mono • 10-15 Braid1/4oz to 3/8oz113.914.5X-Fast1.41Medium

Super-accurate casts for baits that still require some pow- er. Skipping jigs under docks, casting Shaky Heads and small Texas Rigs

6'9"8-17 Mono • 10-20 Braid1/4oz to 3/4oz113.915Fast1.94Med Heavy

The perfect tip for accurately casting treble hook baits around tight cover. Good erratic jerk with jerkbaits.

6'9"8-14 Mono • 10-15 Braid1/8oz to 5/8oz114.065X-Fast1.76Medium

Imitating small bait fish or fishing super clear water this is a great finesse blank. Light jigs, small plastics, unweighted live baits, balsa

7'0"8-17 Mono • 10-20 Braid1/16oz to 1/4oz113.774.5X-Fast1.7Light

The go-to if you are launching big Pop R's or a Sammy. Has the tip to absolutely launch it out of sight, but enough forgiveness to use treble hooks.

7'0"8-14 Mono • 10-15 Braid3/8oz to 3/4oz114.315Fast1.94Medium

The ROD for all of bass fishing! You can do everything from buzzbaits, jigs, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, Texas Rigs, Shaky Heads. This is the perfect balance of handling light baits and heavy baits, literally the sweet spot for bass.

7'0"8-14 Mono • 10-20 Braid3/8oz to 1oz114.265Fast1.94Med Heavy

longer cast with a drop shot, wacky rig, or even a light Shaky Head. Light line and light baits yet moves fish away from cover and docks with ease

7'0"8-14 Mono • 10-15 Braid1/16oz to 3/8oz114.164.5Fast1.76Med Light

This is THE blank if you want to make long casts with all of your traditional bass baits. Medium size jigs, big Shaky Heads, full-sized buzz baits. More distance on all casts.

7'3"12-20 Mono • 20-30 Braid1/2oz to 1oz114.355X-Fast2.11Med Heavy

Need more length for a drop shot rod or want a little more sensitivity for your squarebills? This rod has the perfect amount of strength and length to fight a giant largemouth or smallmouth

7'3"8-12 Mono • 10-15 Braid3/16oz to 1/2oz114.155Fast1.76Med Light

More distance on your cast for throwing open hook swim- baits, walking baits, or lighter buzz baits. Also great for medium-sized Shaky Heads or finesse jigs.

7'3"8-17 Mono • 10-20 Braid1/4oz to 3/4oz114.224.5X-Fast1.94Medium

The blank for bigger line-through swimbaits, big open hook swimbaits and big flutter spoons on ledges. Any bait that needs a ton of power with a little more moderate action.

7'6"12-20 Mono • 20-40 Braid1oz to 2oz115.525.5Fast2.82Heavy

heavy cover soft plastics • Big lipped cranks, • Medium Swim Baits

7'6"12-20 Mono • 20-40 Braid3/4oz to 2oz1146.5Mod2.6Heavy

if you are constantly seeing fish out of casting range this blank is for you. Extreme casting for top water walking baits , big wake baits , and swim baits

7'6"8-17 Mono • 10-20 Braid1/4oz to 3/4oz115.084.5Fast2.11Medium

This is the blank to reach for when you need maximum power and sensitivity flipping the thickest cover like mat- ted hydrilla, beaver dams, penny wart mats.

7'6"17-30 Mono • 20-60 Braid1oz to 3oz115.926Fast3.35XX Heavy

Umbrella rig, glide baits, or big soft swim baits. It has the power to cast it and the power to control it but has the moderate fast tip that will help to land more fish.

7'6"17-30 Mono • 20-60 Braid1oz to 3oz115.786Mod-Fast3.35XX Heavy