Popping Blanks

With the exception of the Cow Special all other blanks are 2pc Blanks.

Special Order Blanks: will be ordered upon purchase. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
No returns
Cape Cod Special 7'6" Nano Blank (2pc)

100~200+lb Tuna & GT

7'6"PE5~8100~180g2pc (Closed Length: 64.5")Mod Fast8.5oz$290.00
$290.00 $261.00
Cape Cod Special 8'0" Graphite Blank (2pc)

100~200+lb Bluefin Tuna & Monster GT

8'PE5~10100~200g2pc (Closed Length: 69.5")Mod Fast8.8oz$290.00
$290.00 $261.00
Cape Cod Special 8'0" Nano Blank (2pc)

100~200+lb Tuna & GT

8'PE5~10100~200g2pc (Closed Length: 69.5")Mod Fast9oz$300.00
$300.00 $270.00
Cape Cod Special 8'6" Nano Blank (2pc)

100~200+lb Tuna & GT

8'6"PE5~10100~200g2Mod Fast9.5oz$310.00
$310.00 $279.00
Cow Special 7'4" 2nd Generation Blank

100~300+lb Fish

7'4"130lb1pcMod Fast11.5oz40lb$330.00
$330.00 $297.00