GBC 2 Piece Blanks

These Blanks Are Tough! GBC 2pc blanks offer extreme versatility for ease of transport in the boat, truck, and every other means necessary to get you on the fish! These blanks are built to perform, while withstanding the beating that goes with catching big fish.

A mix of 24 and 30 ton graphite provides light weight performance at a great price! The actions are ideal for working lures or live bait. Available in Light, Medium Light, Medium, and Medium Heavy powers, from Crappie to Bass, and Trout to Redfish...these are great blanks for many applications.

Tip sections are lightly sanded: just enough to feature a smooth yet lightly textured finish. Leaving as much material as possible in the tip section is what makes them so strong! The butt sections are sanded smooth. Gloss Graphite Finish.  

GBC 2 Piece Blank 7'0" LightOn Sale!

$49.95 $29.00
GBC 2 Piece Blank 7'0" MediumOn Sale!

$49.95 $29.00
GBC 2 Piece Blank 7'0" Medium HeavyOn Sale!

7".0"10-171/4-3/40.48355FastMedium Heavy$49.95
$49.95 $29.00
GBC 2 Piece Blank 7'0" Medium LightOn Sale!

7".0"6-121/8-3/80.4455FastMedium Light$49.95
$49.95 $29.00