Iron Feather

The Iron Feather is the flagship of Phenix’s ultra-light weight lineup. The blank of the Iron Feather is a blend of the most sophisticated carbon fiber and graphite technology available today. Implemented carefully, we have created a high performance instrument that delivers an action that is exceptionally unique. The Iron Feather hosts an extremely fast action that allows for a seamless transition from a soft and sensitive tip to a solid and powerful backbone. Paired with a full set of Fuji Titanium Silicon Carbide guides, the Iron Feather is yet another masterpiece to add to your collection. With this beautiful balance of all the finest components, the Iron Feather is able to offer versatility unknown to any other ultra-light rod on the market today. The Iron Feather is simply the ultimate weapon of choice for extreme ultra-light enthusiasts that demand the best.

Key Features:

  • Phenix’s exclusive Net Titan Carbon Fiber / Graphite composition
  • Super soft and sensitive tip
  • Powerful backbone
Special Order Blanks: will be ordered upon purchase. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
No returns
IF711-1 - B

7'1"1-71/16-3/810.357Tip ProvidedExtra Fast1oz
IF722-2 - B

7'2"1-71/16-3/820.46Tip ProvidedExtra Fast1.2oz
IF771-1 - B

7'7"1-71/16-3/810.39Tip ProvidedExtra Fast1.2oz
IF792-2 - B

7'9"1-91/16-3/820.462Tip ProvidedExtra Fast0.8oz
IF862-2 - B

8'6"1-91/16-3/820.492Tip ProvidedExtra Fast1.5oz