Salmon and steelhead angling specialist! Designed by anglers, the Trifecta rods have met the needs for your everyday salmon and steelhead fishing challenges. Manufactured with 40 Ton composite and carbon fiber woven materials, the Trifecta rods provide a fishing blank that is very sensitive, yet durable and strong.

Special Order Blanks: will be ordered upon purchase. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery
No returns
TRX-1007-2 - B

10'0"10-301-620.585.5Mod Fast4.5oz
TRX-1068-2 - B

10'6"15-402-820.5596Mod Fast5.6oz
TRX-866-2 - B

8'6"8-173/8-120.4755Mod Fast3oz
TRX-905-2 - B

9'0"6-121/4-3/420.4774.5Mod Fast3.1oz
TRX-909-2 - B

9'0"20-453-1020.6076Mod Fast4.8oz
TRX-965-2 - B

9'6"6-121/4-3/420.4694.5Mod Fast3.2oz
TRX-968-2 - B

9'6"15-401-825Mod Fast5oz