Tip Top Bulk Kits

Batson Enterprises is pleased to now offer two models of tip-top replacement kits! They are perfect for the serious angler, or the retail shop that wants to replace tip tops for customers while they wait. We are offering two popular versions, one for typical freshwater applications and rods, and one with heavy-duty style tops for typical saltwater rods. Both versions offer a variety of sizes plus tip top adhesive. These are a must for retail shops.

Freshwater Kit (TTKIT-FW) Includes 10 Each:Saltwater Kit (TTKIT0SW) Includes 10 Each:

BPLT06R04.0BPLT08R04.5BPLT08R08.0BSULT08F07.0BSULT10F08.0 BSULT12F11.0
BPLT06R05.5BPLT08R06.0Tip Top AdhesiveBSULT08F08.5BSULT10F11.0BSULT12F14.0
BPLT06R06.0BPLT08R06.5 BSULT08F09.0BSULT10F12.0Tip TOp Adhesive
BPLT06R06.5BPLT08R07.0 BSULT08F09.5BSULT10F14.0 
BPLT06R07.0BPLT08R07.5 BSULT08F10.0BSULT12F10.0