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Kevin Brotz

First and foremost thank you for visiting Get Bit Outdoors. As the Owner/Founder of Get Bit Outdoors, this business is a dream come true and it would not be possible without our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ along with your support.

The easiest way to tell you about our company is to try and explain the many challenges/blessings that have taken place in my life to reach this point. This probably isn't what you'd expect on an 'About Us' page but if the story behind Get Bit Outdoors helps one person chase their dreams, then it is worth putting myself out there.

I have always had an obsession with fishing, my parents often talk about how at the age of two and a half I'd wake them up at 6am telling him I want to go 'pishing', I couldn't pronounce the word fishing but I could cast on my own and I flat out loved it!

Growing up I fished every chance I had and it is what helped me get through some tough times. The Lord blessed me with a lot of anxiety as a kid and quite often it kept me from going to school or enjoying other opportunities most kids take part in. It sounds funny but the only way I made it through class each day was focusing on the fishing I was going to do after school or an upcoming weekend trip with my Dad. Fishing was more than something I enjoyed, it was something that allowed me to get away from the nerves and anxiety that I faced on a day to day basis.

In High School I was on top of the World, I had a beautiful girlfriend 'who is now my wife', I was a State Champion Weightlifter, I had a nice truck, and access to a brand new 40k bay boat that my parents bought for the family, but for some reason I couldn't enjoy any of it. The Lord had blessed me with a burden that all those things couldn't overcome. I remember lying in bed one night and praying that the Lord would lift that burden, 'whatever it was', and allow me to live the life that he wanted me to. A week later I was walking down the hall at school and I remember it like it was yesterday when I realized He had answered my prayer. Nothing physically changed but it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. For the first time I was able to relax and enjoy being a kid.

Around that time I was given a custom rod building kit and built my first rod, I WAS HOOKED!! I built custom rods throughout my four years at the University of Florida under the name KB Custom Rods which opened my eyes to how I could make a living in the industry that I loved. After graduating From U of F in 2007 I went to work for a rod building component distributor and left a few months later.

A good friend of mine called me to lunch encouraging me to start my own custom rod component distributorship while at the same time my heart had been lit on fire for the Lord and I was trying to decide if I should go into ministry. I spent the next few years building rods, and guiding Gator and Tarpon trips while trying to decide how I could combine my passions for the outdoors with my desire share the love of the Lord. Through those years of patient and persistent prayers, the concept for Get Bit Outdoors was born.

This is the Lord's business, too many blessings have come about to deny it, all I have done is tried to be a good steward of the opportunities that He has given me.

It is my promise to my team members, vendors, clients, and customers that Get Bit Outdoors will operate with honesty and integrity across all levels.


We Thank You for your Support and look forward to building long lasting relationships for years to come.

If you would like to hear more about my testimony and see how the Lord is moving in other peoples lives please visit the Outdoor Ministry page often as we continually upload new content.

Kevin Brotz
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