Challenger Xtreme Dual Helix - CX76Raptor

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Challenger XTreme (Prefix CX) The Challenger XTreme Composite Blanks are the most brutally strong composite blanks in the industry. Each of these blanks utilizes either a full carbon or longitudinal E-Glass dual helix core. With the unique core construction as the foundation, these blanks combine materials not found in any other fishing rod blanks in this industry. That has produced blanks that have smaller overall diameters with greater lifting power. These designs were built to last. They are not thin wall light weight blanks as found in some of our other products. Neither are they 100% carbon construction.
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UnitedComposites_CX76Raptor FAST 0.870 7’6” 1 9.5 oversize_fee_06
SKU: UnitedComposites_CX76Raptor
Action: FAST
Butt: 0.870
Length: 7’6”
PCS: 1
Tip: 9.5
Select an Addon: oversize_fee_06