Challenger Platinum Dual Helix - CP55HP

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Challenger Platinum (Prefix CP) Challenger Platinum Composite Blanks like our other composite construction blanks are truly an art form. They have incredible durability, unique fast action designs with an attractive outer layer of high density woven carbon for added strength and eye appeal. The Platinum series utilizes our special longitudinal E-Glass for strength and recoil as well as multi-modulus graphite layers that provide these unique actions. These make up our premium live bait and jigging line of blanks.
SKU: Action: Butt: Length: Line Weight: Lure Weight: PCS: Tip: Blank Weight: Select an Addon:
UnitedComposites_CP55HP FAST 0.75 5’6” 30-50 N/A 1 9 8.05 oversize_fee_06
SKU: UnitedComposites_CP55HP
Action: FAST
Butt: 0.75
Length: 5’6”
Line Weight: 30-50
Lure Weight: N/A
PCS: 1
Tip: 9
Blank Weight: 8.05
Select an Addon: oversize_fee_06