XBMXNLG - Casting Guides


Exclusive Recessed Ring Design creates a wider gluing surface between ceramic guide ring and the guide frame enhancing the bond between the ring and the frame. Frame brace shape increases strength without adding weight. Guide feet are pre-ground then plated for easier wrapping. Perfect for any casting rod rated for 12-30lb test line. Unique frame design reduces line wrap. SS316 Frame substrate material offers superb corrosion resistance. Plating: Black Chrome. Ring Material: Hard Aluminum Oxide.

SKU: Frame Color: Ring Material: Ring Color: Matching Top:
ALPS_XBMXNLG- Black Hard Aluminum Oxide Charcoal Gray XBPPLT & XPLT-F
Frame Color: Black
Ring Material: Hard Aluminum Oxide
Ring Color: Charcoal Gray
Matching Top: XBPPLT & XPLT-F