ALBC Butt Cap

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New ALPS Custom Aluminum Butt Cap, fits all Batson rear grips with tenon. Perfect way to customize your next build. UV stable rubber bottom for comfort and durability. Exclusive Batson/ALPS design. Special glue channels to improve adhesion to cork, with vent/hole in bottom of butt cap for easier gluing.
SKU: Butt Inner Diameter: Length: Outer Diameter: Butt Weight: Depth:
ALPS_ALBC20- 19.68mm(.775) 25.15mm(0.990) 26.41mm(1.04) .500oz N/A
Butt Inner Diameter: 19.68mm(.775)
Length: 25.15mm(0.990)
Outer Diameter: 26.41mm(1.04)
Butt Weight: .500oz
Depth: N/A