Surf Blank '2nd Bar'

Reach out and touch'm. What's better than sitting on the beach watching the waves? Sitting on the beach while hooked up to a fish of a lifetime! This blank is designed to reach out and put it in the ditch where the big boys roam. Graphite blend makes the blank super strong, insanely sensitive, and light weight for all day fishing!

  • 12ft
  • 2 pc
  • 8.7oz
  • Mod-Fast
  • 7.5 Tip
  • .63 Butt
  • 15-25 lb Line
  • 1-3 oz Lure

Actual tip top sizes may vary. We recommend ordering a tip top tube that is 0.5 larger in size

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SKU: Action: Butt: Length: Line Weight: Lure Weight: PCS: Power: Tip: Vendor Sku: Blank Weight:
13ft2ndBar Mod-Fast .63 12ft 15-25 1-3 2 M 7.5 13ft2ndBar 8.7oz
SKU: 13ft2ndBar
Action: Mod-Fast
Butt: .63
Length: 12ft
Line Weight: 15-25
Lure Weight: 1-3
PCS: 2
Power: M
Tip: 7.5
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Vendor Sku: 13ft2ndBar
Blank Weight: 8.7oz