Redeye Saltwater

Other than high dollar fly blanks, never before has a multi-piece travel blank capable of bending uniformly, with the action and power of a one piece blank. Phenix has designed the Redeye series to alleviate the issues of most travel rods on the market that have flat spots in the bend, power changes, and/or action changes from piece-to-piece.

Next time your fishing adventure takes you to your dream destination, “Don’t be late, catch the REDEYE.”

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Item Lth Line Lure Pcs Butt Tip Action Wt Pwr Stock MSRP Price Qty

7'0" 8-17 3/8-1 3 5 Fast 1.8oz

7'2" 6-12 3/8-1/2 3 4.5 Fast 1.6oz