Crappie Blank 2pc Spin Kit - Full Grip

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There is no easier or more affordable way to build a rod! Build your very own custom rod without having to pick out all the pieces….we have done it for you!

We are proud to introduce our brand new Crappie Kits! Using an all-new Guide train and more, we have worked hard to perfect these kits and are excited to bring them to you!

Crappie Blanks also sold individually.

Everything that is included in your kit:

Blank: Crappie Blank
Reel Seat: Graphite Spinning Seat - Size 17
Grips: Grade A Cork Full Grip.
Guides: BVSLG & BFLG guides. (BVSLG 25, 16, 10, 08, BFLG 7, 6, 6, 6, 6)
Tip Top: BPLT Top (sized to blank)
Other: Hook Keeper, Black Rubber Winding Checks, Reel Seat Arbor (Shim)

Crappie Guide Layout

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Crappie-10-SpinKit-FG-C Mod Fast 2 oversize_fee_06
SKU: Crappie-10-SpinKit-FG-C
Action: Mod Fast
PCS: 2
Select an Addon: oversize_fee_06