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“Build the rod you never thought you could have”

Get Bit Outdoors believes that a fishing rod is not just a tool used to catch fish… it can be an extension of yourself.  That is why we take such pride and care equipping custom builders with the knowledge and components to fit their specific needs and applications.   We want your rod to not only have superior performance, but share your personality as well.   By enrolling in our Get Bit Rod Building Academy we will teach you how to be more involved in the sport we all love.  We also encourage you to share this experience with your loved ones.  Invite your friends and family to our classes to join in on the fun.  Be it father and son, father and daughter, or two best friends; Get Bit Rod Building Academy offers a great opportunity to learn a new skill while bonding over the love of fishing.  For a complete schedule of our classes, call 1-866-GETBIT1.
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Anyone can buy a fishing rod, but how many can say they built theirs with their own two hands?  With our live tutorial, you will learn to design and build your own custom rod to fit YOU!  Fishing with a rod that you built and personalized will be a fulfilling and satisfying experience that will bring added enjoyment.   It will also help you make better use of your time on the water.  We guarantee that not only will it be your favorite rod; it will be a cherished gift.  A gift sent to you, from you.

Get the special angler in your life the perfect gift. Get Bit Outdoors now offers gift certificates for our classes.  Know a current rod builder?  Purchase a gift certificate for products on our website.

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Building your own rod is fun and affordable, but we also want to show you how easy it can be!  Our classes will cover each of these rod building steps, guiding you to becoming a certified rod builder!

Step 1:    Finding the Spine
Step 2:    
Preparing the Handle
Step 3:    
Installing the Rear Grip
Step 4:    
Installing the Reel Seat, Foregrip & Winding Check
Step 5:    
Tip-Top Installation
Step 6:    
Guide Preparation
Step 7:    
Guide Wrapping
Step 8:    
Guide Alignment
Step 9:    
Epoxy Finish


We understand that rod building can seem intimidating.  That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started as a certified rod builder.
Rod Building Made Easy- $125.00
In this full-day class, we’ll lay the foundation for your rod building future.  You’ll receive the basic knowledge and materials necessary to build your own rod from start to finish. 
Included throughout this class will be advanced instruction on;
-Blank Selection
-Decorative Wraps
-Custom Cork and Foam Handles
-Rod Repair

By enrolling in our class not only will you receive expert instruction, but you’ll also get our customized Get Bit Rod Building Kit!  This kit includes all the materials you’ll need to get going and Get Bit!  It’s all included in the price of the class!  The individual contents of the kit combined retail at $122.45!  You get it and the class for just $125!
(Get Bit Rod Building Kit sold separately from the class for $99!)

Get Bit Rod Building Kit:
One 6’6” Batson Blank (SB781).  Upgrade to a 7’ spinning or casting blank also available.
Seven Batson Guides (BVSLG)
One Batson Tip Top (BPLT06F05.0)
Two spools of Fish Hawk Thread
2” Foregrip
Butt Cap
3 Razor Blades
3 KB Quick Pulls
2 Epoxy Dishes
Hand Wrapper
Flex Coat All-In-One
China Marker
Rod Building Tape ½ inch
Fish Decal of your choice
Size 17 Cushioned Graphite Reel Seat w/Stainless Hood
Rod Building Kit



Batson Dream Reamer Kit- $58.78

Bubble Buster- $6.95

KB Quick Pulls- $3.95

Rod Dryer- $53.19

 Epoxy Dishes- $3.95

Thread Bobbin- $3.48 

Tip Gauge- $5.50

Power Wrapper- $269

Digital Caliper- $25.95

¼” M-Tape- $1.25

Kim Wipes- $3.95

Upgraded Wrapper- $379