BKWAG Double Foot Spinning Guides


These guides feature extreme polish to reduce friction, 90-degree frame-to-ring contact for added strength, deep-pressed ring frames for durability and ring protection and a patented, 30-degree double-sloping ring and frame that eliminates line tangles and enhances performance. Larger sized KW guides are fast becoming the “go to” choice for large surf rods used in extreme conditions and in smaller sizes they make a very durable casting rod or heavy action spinning rod. Most rod makers couple the KW frame with KL or KT running guides. Available in sizes from 5.5 to 50 mm, KW provides a rock solid guide train from stripper to tip with total protection from tangles and the added security of a double foot design. Using smaller running guide layouts, KW is unbeatable for Inshore saltwater rods, and medium, medium/heavy and heavy action freshwater rods. If you’re in a situation where you never know when you might have a shot at a truly giant fish, make sure KW frames are backing you up. For micro rods used under extreme conditions, KW double foot K-Series guides offer unparalleled strength in a very light package. KW guides can be used interchangeably wherever KT guides will work but a little extra strength might be called for. And, since KW sizes go all the way up to a 50 mm ring size, builders can use full KW layouts from butt to tip.

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Fuji_BKWAG- Black Stainless Alconite
Frame Color: Black Stainless
Ring Material: Alconite