• 80lb Set Xpress Series Roller Guides

80lb Set Xpress Series Roller Guides


A reliable, affordable alternative in roller guide construction for those who demand top quality. All roller guide
components are manufactured with precision CNC machine tools under rigorous quality controls. The New Xpress
Series frame, like the Excell Series, is machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum. All rollers and spindles use
a high corrosion resistant stainless steel and incorporate a high-tech, wear resistant bushing that is impervious
to water. They can withstand high temperatures (up to 500 degrees F) and still maintain a very low coefficient of
friction. The Xpress Rollers have been tested on Deep Drop Fishing Rods (many miles of turning) with no failures or
indications of wear. These roller guides were designed to be very cost effective and reduce the level of maintenance
to a minimum using the highest quality standards Winthrop is known for.

*Tops Sold Separate

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