K2 Series



K2 – Blanks


With only the best in mind and utilizing our own blend of composite material from the world-leading manufacturer of elite carbon fiber material, Toray, the k2 blanks were born. Utilizing innovative rod blank technology, Tory’s T-46 ton composite is the core of what sets us apart from everyone else. Our unique layering process combined with detailed construction,n results in a rod blank that has exceptional balance and sensitivity. Reinforced to increase strength for better backbone performance, while not adding considerable weight or bulk diameter, the k2 rod is another exceptional addition to our ever-growing Phenix brand.

Key Features
Carbon fiber


No returns on Phenix blanks.

Item Lth Line Lure Butt Tip Action Wt Pwr Qty Price
TX-682L-C - B

6'8" 3-10 1/32-1/4 0.406 4 Medium Fast 1.2oz
TX-682L-S - B

6'8" 3-10 1/32 - 1/4 0.56 4 Fast 1.13
TX-683ML-C - B

6'8" 4-12 1/16-5/8 0.417 4.5 Fast 1.34oz
TX-684MH-C - B

6'8" 6-18 3/16-3/4 0.445 5 Fast 1.41oz